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Upgrade from DSF 0.9.x

DSF-TeamAbout 1 min

A direct upgrade from DSF 0.9.x to DSF 1.x is not supported.

Do not use your 0.9.x configuration as starting point

There are too many changes between DSF 0.9.x and DSF 1.x to use the old configuration as starting point and just adapt some configuration parameter names.

Please use the new installation manual to perform a new installation and use the old setup only for reference.

Instead, please perform the following steps:

  1. Shut down your DSF instances (DSF FHIR Server and DSF BPE).
  2. Backup your DSF instances (e.g. by moving the folders /opt/bpe and /opt/fhir to /opt/bpe_0.9 and /opt/fhir_0.9)
  3. Install the new DSF according to the instructions.
  4. You can copy your certificates (server- and client certificates) to your new installation. Please do not copy the CA certificate files from your old installation, as the new version will contain additional CAs (e.g. D-Trust).
  5. Configure your processes according to the new process plugin documentation. You can use your test environment configuration and your old production setup configuration for reference. Please ensure to use the new configuration parameter names, as many of them will have new prefixes (like DEV_DSF instead of ORG_HIGHMED).
  6. If you perform the installation before the change of the according environment, you can start the old instances again (out of the /opt/fhir_0.9 and /opt/bpe_0.9 directories).
  7. If you want to replace the old setup with the new one, shutdown the old instances (FHIR + BPE) and start the new ones.

New process plugins

Please do not copy your old process plugins into the new DSF. There will be a new release for each process plugin at the time you will be prompted to update your DSF instance.

Use your old virtual machine

We recommand the usage of your old DSF 0.9.x virtual machine for your new DSF 1.x setup. This will ensure that you already have the required firewall settings in place.

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