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Public Funding

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DSF - Medical Informatics Structure "Data Sharing Framework Community" (2023-2026)

The DSF Community connects the DSF competencies of the entire Medical Informatics Initiative (MII)open in new window so that new use cases, in particular from Module 3 or the Network University Medicine (NUM)open in new window, are better supported in creating the respective DSF plugins. In the context of Module 2b, the DSF Community contributes to the further development of the common digital infrastructure of the MII together with the FDPG+open in new window and TRANSITopen in new window projects. BMBFopen in new window

Heilbronn University (HHN) focuses on the connecting of DSF related topics and competencies in the MII with the community management. The quality assurance of new DSF plugins and further development of the application and core components aim at a scalable, stable and secure operation of the DSF (Funding code: 01ZZ2307A).

Heidelberg University is focusing on the further development of the DSF core components as well as the rollout of the DSF plugins, in particular also from the perspective of a data integration center in consultation with the FDGP+ and TRANSIT projects (Funding code: 01ZZ2307B).

The University of Leipzig will further develop and adapt the DSF plugin for the Research Data Portal for Health FDPG according to specifications resulting from the FDPG+ project and enable Data Integration Centers (DIC) to operate the FDPG plugin (Funding code: 01ZZ2307C).

Development of the DSF in the HiGHmed consortium -Contribution Heilbronn University and Heidelberg University (2018-2022)

HiGHmedopen in new window aims to increase the efficiency of clinical research and improve patient care through new medical informatics solutions and cross-organizational data exchange. The concept will be developed on the basis of three defined prototypical use cases, which will ensure close integration with the requirements of patient care and medical research. The GECKO Instituteopen in new window of HHN will establish a trusted third party with pseudonymization service to implement the goals of HiGHmed and is involved in the technical development of the DSF together with the partners (Funding code: 01ZZ1802E). Heidelberg University is in particular involved in the technical development of the DSF (Funding code: 01ZZ1802A).

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