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Funded for further development of the Data Sharing Framework are:

Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences | Gecko Institute

The GECKO Instituteopen in new window is a research institution of Heilbronn University of Applied Sciencesopen in new window and conducts research and development at the interfaces between medicine, economics and computer science. The DSF is part of Prof. Fegeler's research area: Interoperability and Digital Processes in Medicine. Other areas of research include educational technologies, health economics, and consumer health informatics.

University of Heidelberg | Institute of Medical Informatics

The Institute of Medical Informaticsopen in new window belongs to the University of Heidelberg. The scientific focus of the institute is on structured patient data, e.g.

  • in the Medical Data Integration Center (MeDIC),
  • structured acquisition and transformation of biomedical data,
  • medical information systems and data models
  • and much more.

University of Leipzig | LIFE Institute

The LIFE Instituteopen in new window of the University of Leipzig manages collaborative and follow-on projects in the fields of medicine, public health, medical informatics, and biobanking.

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